Máy Phát Điện Kohler

Máy Phát Điện Kohler

KOHLER Generators

Kohler offers the entire generator system and accessories

– Machine and parts are tested in samples before supply and during production process.

– Generator meets ISO 8528-5, Grade G3 requirements for transition characteristics.

– The characteristics of generating end:

+ Generating end excited by permanent magnets to provide high short circuit capacity.

+ Brushless Generating end with rotating magnetic field has the ability to reconnect on a wide power range.

+ Temperature rise and motor starting meet NEMA MG1, IEEE, and ANSI.

+ Short-circuit current is maintained constantly greater than 300% of rated current for up to 10 seconds

+ Self ventilation and leak-proof structure

+ High voltage waveform from a coil positioned at 120 degree inclined of stator

+ The voltage regulation volts/hertz, digital semiconductor not exceeding ± 0.25% of average value at a constant load, no load to full load.

– Generating 100% load immediately after being started – Other features:

+ The controller can be harnessed to all applications

+ Interruption of low coolant level prevents machine from overheated

+ Generator is fixed directly to the base.

+ Electronic sync controller precisely regulates frequency.


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