Industrial Electrical Cabinets

Industrial Electrical Cabinets

Industrial Electrical Cabinets

– Used as control panel: control cabinet for lighting, pump station, industrial machine, greenhouse (high-tech greenhouses for growing flowers and vegetables)

– Used as ATS

– Used as distribution cabinets

– Used as medium voltage cabinet RMU

– Used as compensation box

– Used as dynamic electric cabinet…

Processes of making Electrical Cabinet:

1Determination of requirements: in this step, NPTPOWER will detach our business team and technical team to support to find out what type of cabinet you need. We will discuss on plans for use, scalability, installation location and transportation….

2.Propose plan to address your problems of power system you are choosing and consulting best solutions to fit your current needs and future expansion. An integral part is procurement cost saving as well as operation and maintenance in the future.

3.Design circuit  and principles of volume dissection, selecting equipment and quoting according to the plan agreed

4.Contracting, shifting to stage of producing electric cabinet

5.Cool check for the quality, safety

6.Transportation and installation of cabinets

7.Operational testing and actual adjusted if necessary

8.Handover and instruction for operation.


For convenience and for a smooth cooperation, on behalf of sales department, please clarify you requests when contacting:

1.Type of cabinet, attachment of design is recommended

2.Investment fund. If design specifies firm of equipment, not need to fill in this section 

– Type of Standard Electrical Cabinet: Equipment and highest quality standards 

– Economical cabinet: the cabinet still maintains functions as standard package, but devices are changed, for example: HYUNDAI equipment, LS, Vietnamese equipment……. 

– Cabinet according to your requirement.

3.Time and place of delivery. Including installation fee or not.

4.Payment method

5.Contact information.

Please contact us for more details.

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