Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

I. ATS is an automatic power transfer system.

It has the function that when the mains lose, the generator will automatically start and power on. When the mains recover, the system will self-transfer power back and shut down the generator automatically. Moreover, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) frequently has its protective function when the mains and generator power undergo incidents such as phase loss, neutral loss, low voltage (adjustable), adjustable time to transfer.

II. Procedures for the selection of ATS cabinet based on the following main factors:

– Conforming to capacity.

– Conforming to tropical environment, coastal salty air and island.

– Ensuring the requirements of control property.

III. Operation functions of ATS cabinet:

– Automatically sending signs of generator when: the mains are completely cut off, lose phase, the mains have lower voltage than its value limit (adjustable value). Time to transfer to the generator is from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.

– When the mains recover, ATS immediately transfers load to the mains. The generator will automatically shut down soon after cooling down for 1 -2 minutes.

– Operation automatically or manually

– Adjusting time to switch

– Having a system of indicator lights

IV. Some frequent indicator lights and fuction keys:

– The light indicating Mains Available shows that the mains are under the limit scale

– The light indicating Mains On Load shows that the mains are supplying load

– The light indicating Generator Available shows that Generator Power has its value limit.

– The light indicating Generator On Load shows that Generator Power is supplying load

– Delay Start: time to delay start is adjustable

– Delay On Restoration: time to delay on restoration is adjustable

– Delay On Transfer: time to delay on transfer is adjustable

– Warm Up: Time to warm up is adjustable

– Cool Down: Time to cool down is adjustable

– Enabling the generator to try to start a maximum of three times

– Automatic Battery Charger regulates principle

– ATS enables the user to choose the mains or generator power for the load supply if necessary through Manual Switch.

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